Friday, 10 April 2009

pitch n' weave

if i could track your pitch n' weave
through space and endless time
if i could predict how i might rise
when you, sublime, decline

if i could pitch the tilt n' thrust
of Fate's uncertain hand
if i knew what she held for us
and still leave her in command

if the planets in their graceful speed
for centuries, certain, sway
if surely as i crave your touch
the Sun imparts her day

if tidal as the seas I swell
at the mention of your name
if gentle as a night time bloom
the Moon sends me this way

if lying in the still of night
i wonder how and where you are
if dreaming on this single dream
i wish upon that star

if tomorrow brings me closer to
the allignment of our hearts
then let the stars alone have their way
as they know I am yours

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