Friday, 3 April 2009

far & wide

whenever I look up and out
into the world so far and wide
when I tune out the screams & shouts
and fence off a moment to breathe & hide

when I close my eyes to wipe them clean
in preparation for things unseen
when I need to drink the still
and crave rememberance of sweeter pills

when I feel the need to share
the beauty lost here, still hiding there
when I yearn for a softer place
and dream of a gentle shoulder's grace

when I wonder if I've served my time
after waiting so patiently in line
when I turn my thoughts from you
for fear that dreams really don't come true

I see you, blurred, in distant lands
removed by months and hours and sands
I wonder when you'll come back home
to walk me through life's danger zone

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