Sunday, 5 April 2009

"A Brief Exhortation To Confession"

This morning I came to the strangest realisation. I'm glad - nay, relieved - to have less disposable income, now that I'm living alone.

The thought of having to live a more limited (or maybe just a more 'considered') life was one of the main reasons that I had shyed away from living alone and kept me sharing with friends for so long.

But today, the thought excited me. So many distractions have been stripped away. I am more myself now that I've been for years. And, more importantly, I can't afford to galavant around town the way I used to; avoiding dreams and chasing ghosts.

I always knew this move would force me to spend more time on things like music. "consume less, create more" was more a dream than a maxim.

But now, this wonderfully puritanical new way of life, faciliates one of my greatest indulgences. Music.

I seem to have broken free. I can't help but think of Martin Luther nailing his tenets to that front door...

"here we go again
on another great trip..."

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