Sunday, 1 June 2008

"When It All Comes Together"

"When performing, it doesn't matter the brand, the colour or the cost.  All that matters is that the guitar and I are one. I have to feel that the sound or instrument comes out of me with the song, from inside, from the gut.  And it doesn't matter to me that I only know three or four chords.  With the left fingers on the frets, the heel of my right hand hugging the body of the guitar, letting just my right thumb lead and drive the rhythm sometimes it's magic, and I just believe that when it all comes together it's the right way for me to do it.  Like Jesse Barnhill did it.  Like Mama did it."


March '94

(Johnny Cash's mother started to teach him how to play guitar when he was only three.  Apparently, from the age of four, he was taught by a local family friend named Jesse Barnhill on a Gibson flattop.) 


anniemcq said...

Ooooh, I'm on such a Johnny Cash kick right now. I recently ran across this while looking for something on Neil Diamond for HeadSong Friday over on my blog, and, well, Johnny melted my heart. Again.

bobcat rock said...

i've been on a Johnny Cash run recently, too. and, adding music to my mum's ipod, i finally feel comfortable and secure enough in my 'own' musical heritage to appreciate what a great performer and songwriter Neil Diamond is, too! (of course, Rick Rubin has helped open that door, too.)

thanks for dropping by. :)