Sunday, 16 February 2014

look over there! oh, wait, what's that… ooh, hello!

I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling "I've not done enough" with my life so far.  What happened to all those dream?

But they were more than dreams.  They were realities. So what happened?  And when? And how?

When does an ambition morph into a hobby?  That's a bit sad, isn't it?

How are we supposed to decide what to focus on in *this* lifetime?

It seems this whole train of thought is one of those all-important areas in life that no one prepares you for!  And that's ok.  I'm just saying.

So over Christmas 2013 I started seriously thinking about the things i didn't want to slip away, the things i wasn't going to let fade, melt and slip between the cracks of 21st Century 'life'.

For me, this means making time - and yes, a conscious effort - to explore/get back into the following:

Music making 

Shaking things up with different software. using a different DAW, being faster & looser - less precious, *posting* stuff.

(Oh, and by the way, do please message me if you can recommend a good book on Orchestration/frequencies?)


Circuitry tinkering, making bots, etc. (We're going on holiday in March.  My first thought after my other half told me it was booked was "who's going to feed the cat?". My second thought was "well, I know I could. By text. So why not?)


Trying new things - equipment, styles, an exhibition? why not? Why *didn't* I do it two years ago?

Creative writing

Writing 'that novel'. I'm halfway through hammering out the first 50,000 word draft.  And no, i have no idea what it is about. Yet.  As I told someone last week "it hasn't told me yet". (And yes, i cringed too.)

A coffee blog/notebook

What was that amazing coffee I was drinking late last summer that tasted of burnt marzipan and had an aftertaste of peppery confusion? Where did i buy it from? Where was it farmed? I wonder how that farmer's family are…

So that's enough to be getting on with for the next 315~ days, right? Hmm.  I was talking to a dear friend about this recently and he's going through a similar process, I think. But admirably, he's far less 'dictatorial' with himself than I am. But we both agree that it doesn't matter what, how, when, as long as you keep trying - by which I think we both  meant *doing*.

Not in a 'room full of monkeys at typewriters' way, but….well, maybe one monkey.


I'll be posting random updates here.

Probably sporadically.

Hopefully frequently.

Almost certainly not regularly.

Be happy and well, whoever & wherever you may be.

Love from The London.

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