Friday, 30 April 2010

remember when

Remember when the sun woke us up?
we rubbed our eyes, and in silence, sat up.

How, at first, we doubted the weather;
until we knew it always starts stormy, then gets better.

How we bought too much to eat,
when we packed the car for our Hebridean retreat?

How the cows & sheep came to say hello,
curious lambs with big ears - in the Sun - aglow!

Remember how we read in bed?
Ancient fairytales, pillowed heads.

How we planned the next day's fun -
marvelling at how far we'd come.

How at night, there wasn't a sound,
except the wind whistling around.

How everyone waved as they went by
how hard to drive, when the deer catches your eye!

How the heart seemed stronger than the sea;
the early ferry wrenching us from our sleep.

Remember what we said back there
And in five years time, let's go back...


-- Post From My iPhone

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