Saturday, 18 July 2009

4 x 4 (part 1)

we can all get too lazy & comfortable.

we can all make excuses. i know i'm always making excuses for not getting things done.

so, as i have Monday off, i thought i'd try an experiment...

record 4 new tracks in 4 days. one a day. not that scary. everything new - no working from old ideas. no finishing off old songs. these will be 4 new tracks written n' recorded on the fly.

to make it a little more interesting, i thought i'd use the following times:

day 1 - friday - today: 1m 11secs
day 2: 2m 22secs
day 3: 3m 33 secs
day 4: 4m 44 secs

i've just finished track 1. you can find it here if you're curious.


oh, and have a great weekend!

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