Tuesday, 5 May 2009

the game

Rolling out of London
On a cold November night
Yeah, I'm leaving the old town
To start a better life

Packed my bags months ago
And then saved up for the flight
Some say I'm running - no -
I've finally made up my mind

Someone once told me
You can make your dreams come true
But no one warned me
They'll haunt ya 'til you do

So I find myself on the open road
With a guitar on my back
Yeah - you laugh - it's the oldest joke
'til you try to live like that

I don't want fame or gold
I just need some peace of mind
I'm just trying to save my soul
From slipping farther down the line

Every man has ghosts to pay
And demons he must face
But in the end it's just a game -
We're all hurtling through space...

(a very old song, but one that haunts me. probably 'til i obey. i'm gonna have to turn and face this one someday soon.)

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