Saturday, 14 February 2009

testing...testing...the old man is snoring...

Most Saturday mornings, if I'm lucky and if diaries allow, I kick-start my weekends with Saturday morning coffee with my dear friend Mr B.

These usually start with sleepy mumbled twittery, until we meet, with practically silent acknowledgement, atop one of London's most beloved bookstores, where coffee and laughter swiftly ensue.

This morning was a bit different.

In a good way. A very good way.

You see, Mr B is a very interesting man. He says interesting things. He works on interesting things. He is also a very patient man, which is a wonderful quality to have, if you happen to be talking to me....about interesting things.

In recent months, we've frequently stopped and said what an interesting podcast our chats might make. We did it again today.

And as if by magic (or rather, the magical facilitation of the iPhone), we soon started recording. (Or rather, as Mr B spoke on, I sneakily downloaded and jump started the marvellous iTalk iPhone app. Luckily he just chuckled when he noticed the big green light on my iPhone.)

The sound quality is wonderful. The ambience of background music, cluttering crockery, etc, just add to a wonderful conversation, casually captured. In my opinion.

Considering we let it roll on as we nattered and strolled for 42mins through the book store, the 100 odd mb barely dented the usually sensitive iPhone battery.

I've emailed a compressed copy to Mr B and we're going to try an edit each, but are still excited that what we got was pretty good.

Next time, going forward, we'll try more constraints. Probably recording at home, with freeflowing coffee, pre-ordered notes, more forgiving surroundings and probably an SM58. If i get my way.

Topicwise, I'm guessing we'll stick to what we know; social media, governmental social media, books, music, etc...

All of which will continue to make us laugh loudly and sporadically, I'm sure.

I'll let you know how we get on.

Have a great weekend.

-- Post From My iPhone


suttonhoo said...

oh! post it please! :)

suttonhoo said...

p.s. I love this image -- is it an iphone composite?