Saturday, 14 June 2008

fudge, baby!

somerset fudge at local weekend market. lovely stuff! (but melts in the summer sun.)

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

all fingers n' feet

this is a test
to see between fingered lines
beneath the chest
to view the foot above the ground

this, here in blue
creased, and snapped and clipped for you
something bound by nature, true
yet still of air's ethereal crew

this is how things fell
what left me here remains as well
but changed to something distant and obtuse
challenging this heir, "no truce!"

this is how we futurescribe
we forge new words from tears n' sighs
in distance we reveal the most
when clinging arms fall still from ghosts...

(test posting from new iPhone) random shot, off the cuff lines. I hope you'll forgive my clumsy heart.)

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Sunday, 1 June 2008

"When It All Comes Together"

"When performing, it doesn't matter the brand, the colour or the cost.  All that matters is that the guitar and I are one. I have to feel that the sound or instrument comes out of me with the song, from inside, from the gut.  And it doesn't matter to me that I only know three or four chords.  With the left fingers on the frets, the heel of my right hand hugging the body of the guitar, letting just my right thumb lead and drive the rhythm sometimes it's magic, and I just believe that when it all comes together it's the right way for me to do it.  Like Jesse Barnhill did it.  Like Mama did it."


March '94

(Johnny Cash's mother started to teach him how to play guitar when he was only three.  Apparently, from the age of four, he was taught by a local family friend named Jesse Barnhill on a Gibson flattop.)