Saturday, 20 September 2008

" the ghost with me..."

Well, I'm back from a very, very fleeting visit to Barcelona. I've not kicked off my shoes, or unpacked - or even opened - my bag. But, i had to plug the old digital camera in and see how some of my favourite shots came out.

This is the one shot I'm posting for now (more to come on flickr & maybe here).

This hand belongs to the lady who stole my heart away, only days ago. I turned a corner and there she was. Still. In her eternal sleep. Aside from all others. Removed. Elsewhere.

Bathed, glowing in the Barcelona September sun...

(For now, I'll not tell you her name or where we met. All will be revealed in due time...)

Oh, and did i mention that she's a little older than me? Always a good thing...

Now, i know she's not going anywhere, for several reasons. (Probably top of the list is that she's made of bronze.)

But i need to see her again.

Now, please.

Actually, i'll not bother unpacking that bag afterall. When is the next flight back?

(ps: i couldn't resist using that quote as a title here. possibly a different subject, but i suspect the lady in question is the same. funnily enough, it's from one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite bands. i'd love to think that they/he were equally moved by her; enough to write said song.)

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