Thursday, 10 April 2008

"When You Smiled"

When you came

You seemed to step from leftfield shadows

You seemed to smile away all of my troubles

When you came

When you smiled

I felt my shoulders ease and sigh

I felt a weight disappear, denied

When you smiled

When we laughed

it was a gentle, easy thing

It was as friends waiting to begin

When we laughed

When we kissed

Not a planet crashed or slid

No one else knew what we did

When we kissed...

And now you're gone

There's nothing left here but the song

And the smile you gave me, it's still worn

Though now you're gone

(written 21:28 Thursday 10th April 2008, London.)

Something - a look, a smile - took me back 10 years on the way home tonight.  Took me back there; and back then.  We think we lose memories, forget tastes, smells, moments; and fear their loss; often at the cost of enjoying the moment itself.  But the slightest, most random things can bring them flooding back - brighter, clearer, sharper than ever - to be relived all over again.  The trick is, i think, we rarely know what the key is (what unlocks those memories?); or even that those memories are eternal.  I think they are. So maybe we never really 'lose' anyone or anything. Just my opinion, but i might be wrong...

btw - the photo seemed fitting.  I saw this disposable mask lying discarded at the bus stop earlier in the week.  I knew it'd been put there for a reason. Now I know. Thanks.

Thanks for stopping by & sharing.

Be happy.

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