Monday, 31 December 2007

A New Life?

OK. So here we are at 4.26pm on Monday 31st December 2007.

The last day of the year.

Somehow, starting the new week on the last day of the year seems like a good way to go. It's like you get a heads-up on the rest of the week. You get a day to play with...

This year - 2007 - feels different to other years I've watched draw to a close. But it's been a year - and a time - of contradictions.

I'm older than I was; yet feel younger somehow.

I feel more weary, but less jaded.

I am realising how little value there was in some dreams; yet this seems to be freeing me to chase & embrace them more easily & realistically than ever before.

It really feels like a time of choices.

And choices require bravery.


From tomorrow onwards, the next 365 days are going to be a test. I intend to try to remember to constantly push self-imposed barriers, challenge myself, sternly judge and heartily cheer myself onwards into a more terrifying and rewarding future. Whether this be spending silly amounts of money and time finally finishing recording 'the album' I have loved, nurtured, mutilated & fed for so long, or being more responsible & respectful to my (now I realise) not so immortal coil; i think the secret is to think less & act more.

I'm going to try to remember that there will always be things, situations and people you can't always 'help' or 'fix'. And that's OK.

It's all about the journey...

Finally, I'd like to end this first posting with three 'thank you's...

Firstly, to one of my oldest & dearest friends, who constantly challenges my way of thinking (sometimes I have to remind myself that this is a 'good thing'!) and who never fails to introduces me to new ideas, invariably in the form of websites offering a different way of viewing & interacting with the world. I have him to thank for my and obsessions! I've been lucky enough to call Robert my friend for longer than either of us would be comfortable with me saying here! However, the fact that his beautiful son is now the same age we were when we first met, moves me deeply... it's a mad, beautiful world.

Secondly, the witty, insightful and twitteringly delightful sutton hoo who's gentle, quiet observations on the world (whether here, on twitter or flickr ) I have grown to love and which continue to inspire and move me deeply. Keep on keeping on, Dayna! I really look forward to watching you twitter, flickr and blog in 2008!

And Finally, the warm, talented Samantha Murphy . I first bumped into Sam via her stunning flickr stream , and have since stalked her (albeit completely unintentionally, Sam!) from flickr, to The Book Of Faces, to twitter, etc... If you love good, independent, 'real' music, then please check out her website. Not only is Sam one of the very best singer-songwriters I've ever had the great pleasure to hear, but she is also one of the kindest, most gentle & genuine people who's path I've had the good fortune to cross. Please do check out her website & her fantastic audio (and now video?) show, SMtv at her website.

Of course, there are many others in various areas of my life who I continue to hold in great esteem, love and watch with wonder. But as I feel I have been so conciously inspired and/or challenged by the above folk in the last few months, I wanted to end 2007 and begin 2008 by saluting them here; thinning bushels, fanning flames, etc... you get the picture!

Sam, Dayna, Robert, World - have a superb 2008! May all your (wildest?) dreams come true!

Much love to All who travel this way...


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