Thursday, 27 November 2008

places in the sky

there are places in the sky
where beds, like birds, fly high
where walls do not exist
where the city cannot reach

there are places in the sky
where cement on girder dries
where dreams are not yet dreamed
where no lonely businessmen lament

where the fourth wall is in the mind
will it scare? will it excite?
"does sir want a room with a view?
or perhaps an interior to peruse?"

there are places in the sky
where round about, cars fly
where the city never sleeps
by the river, cool and deep

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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

highway maintenance

highway maintenance lorries crawl
across the bridge, toward palace walls
commuters walk the rainshon arc
while sleepy trawlers trawl underneath

car'd commuters coffin by
crawl & scowl at lanes denied
the rest of us walk through the rain
To where our yesterdays wait...again

(1st test upload using new blogging app on iPhone.)

-- Post From My iPhone

Saturday, 22 November 2008

stepping out

Well, I've spent the evening experimenting with my lovely new iPhone and although it wasn't my first choice when shopping for a new phone, I soon realized I wasn't actually shopping for a 'phone'...

...the times, they're a-changing, kids.

I hope this lovely new gadget helps me keep better track of all my favourite blogs, sites, newsfeeds, etc.

Of course, my rate of output here, on flickr and elsewhere will increase, too.

I can only hope the frequency/quality ratio remains acceptable.

This photo from my September trip to Barcelona seemed to match the sentiment behind this entry. I remember standing in the cool of the museum, moments before I took this shot, teasing myself, savouring the cool, still, dark moment; equally excited at the promise of the light and warmth.

Just. Out. There.

(I hope you like it.)

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